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PRIDE FC broadcast brothers Bas Rutten & Mauro Ranallo reunite in this weekly podcast covering combat sports, pop culture & life!
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Dec 17, 2016

Mauro Ranallo & Vicky Pezza host the final Podcast of Positivity of 2016, as Bas Rutten sends us some stories & songs from set!

What's Up Bas, #Hashtag, Feel Good 5 and Maurovation! Thanks for listening, have a happy holiday season & New Year, and we’ll see you in 2017 for R&R Season 2!

Dec 11, 2016

Bas Rutten and Mauro Ranallo talk MMA,Boxing,Kickboxing,WWE. New shows drop every Monday!

Dec 9, 2016

Bas Rutten & Mauro Ranallo are together again in-studio! What's Up Bas explains healthy fast food, which you'll want after these pitches for Maurojuana and Crosby Cannabis.

Stitch Duran is our guest! The legendary cutman calls in from Langley Air Force Base to discuss the brand new sequel to his first book, From the Fields to the Garden 2! We discuss how he got started as a cutman, how he got his nickname, PRIDE FC, his own Air Force service, MMA, Glory Kickboxing, the craziest cuts, his love of baseball and Santana, and his work as an actor and author. If you can wear it or eat it, he probably picked it!

Stitch even hangs out for some of #Hashtag, which covers HR34, kangaroo boxing, John Lennon, Linda McMahon, The Rock, John Cena, Star Wars, Amy Schumer, Tomb Raider, veggie burgers, Hip Hop Evolution, Grammy nominations, one year tattoos, and we remember those taken in this week’s Rapture of the Arts.

We end on the Feel Good 5, and some Lennon Maurovation. Follow our guest @StitchDuran and visit to check out his latest literary release!

Dec 5, 2016

The new Combat Sports Carousel 4 is out. 

We talk everything Combat Sports and Sports entertainment as well.

WWE, UFC, Bellator, Boxing, all what happened this last weekend and what's coming up next weekend?

We have breakdowns for all the fights and of course everything else that goes on in the world of Combat Sports

Godspeed and fight on!


Dec 2, 2016

From a Starbucks in British Columbia, Mauro Ranallo dials up Bas Rutten to discuss Odd Squad Prod and What's Up Bas’ Egg Knot Oscar winning performance!

#Hashtag topics include Word of the Year, Kanye West, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, The World’s Oldest Woman, Jodie Foster, The Rock, Richard Branson & Elon Musk, Bradley Cooper, Joaquin Phoenix, Regretted Names, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find (the time to go to the movies to watch) Them, Jon Cena, Westworld, McGregor’s Boxing License, Matt Lauer, Marvin Gaye, Skydiving, and The Rapture of the Arts.

A 7 year old inspires in The Feel Good Five on this emotional episode of R&R.

And don't forget to check out Combat Sports Carousel every Monday! It's 2 Podcasts for the Price of None!